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New Arrival

Recorded with longtime collaborator Jon Low (The National, Frightened Rabbit, The War On Drugs) over the course of a couple sessions at Long Pond in Hudson, NY, LP5000—which reunites the band with Tiny Engines—is everything that fans have come to love about Restorations: Anthemic heartland rock-and-roll replete with mile-wide riffs, psychedelic chooglin’, and too many guitars. Over the course of production, the band took the time to examine these seven songs, rip them apart, and rebuild them from the bottom up. It’d be easy to define LP5000 simple terms: Restorations’ comeback record; the culmination of everything they’ve worked toward as a band. But that would be disingenuous; this is a record that completely exists in the present.

Approx. weight 310 gr / Unsealed only to check vinyl color / Limited edition of 400 / White vinyl / Includes download code

Side A
1. St.
2. Nonbeliever LISTEN
3. Remains
4. Melt

Side B
1. The Red Door LISTEN
2. Caretaker
3. Eye


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